According to the statistics of 2011 Population Census, the number of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong increased by 31.2% over the past 10 years, from 343 950 in 2001 to 451 183 in 2011, constituting about 6.4% of the whole population in Hong Kong in 2011. There are 81% non-Chinese Asians, they comprised Indonesians (29.6%) and Filipinos (29.5%), other ethnic minorities are including Indian (6.3%), Pakistani (4%), Nepalese (3.7%) and other Asian. There are 98.7% ethnic minorities are Usual Residents while only 1.3% ethnic minorities are Mobile Residents.

The ethnic minorities and their children settle in Hong Kong, they need the support and resources from the society, such as houses, employment, education, health care and welfare. Undoubtedly, ethnic minorities' productivity is strong, we should help the ethnic minorities to integrated into Hong Kong community, develop their potential and productivity. Capability development is good for ethnic minorities to separate from the poverty line and the cycle of poverty.

In order to enhance the support to ethnic minorities, we established Hong Kong Community Network to provide services and supports for the ethnic minorities, and we cooperate with different organizations, for example, ethnic minorities groups, religious groups, regional group, non-government organizations, schools and government branch to develop different services for the ethnic minorities.